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Where is the Cathedral of Dragon Communion in Elden Ring?

How to reach the island off the coast of Limgrave and collect draconic spells

How do you get to the Cathedral of Dragon Communion in Elden Ring? The Cathedral of Dragon Communion is a rare island of calm in the usually tense and dangerous Lands Between, the open-world setting of Elden Ring. You can make your way to this chilled-out location from the early stages of the game in order to farm crafting ingredients, learn spells, and generally take a bit of a break from the relentless batterings you've doubtless been receiving on the mainland.

How to get to the Cathedral of Dragon Communion in Elden Ring

The Cathedral of Dragon Communion is located in Limgrave, the first open area you emerge into after completing Elden Ring's tutorial section. Getting there is relatively straightforward, although to describe it as "easy" would be pushing it slightly.

If you head left away from the starting area you'll find yourself atop some cliffs overlooking the sea you'll spy an island a little way off shore. That island is where the Cathedral of the Dragon Communion is located.

Elden Ring Church of Dragon Communion map location

The beach is a long way down and, like most things, the fall will kill you, so you're going to have to make the trek the long way: following the path north-west in the complete opposite direction from your eventual destination, until you find a more gentle gradient you can scramble down to get to the sandy coast.

If you haven't done so already, be sure to drop by the Church of Elleh on the way and part with 200 Runes in exchange for a torch from merchant Kalé's stock. Leave the church and continue north-west until you can make your way down to the beach, then start following the coast back south in the direction of the island. You might be tempted to see if you can swim it at this point — it looks pretty close to the mainland, you might reason. You could probably walk that at low tide. Guess what happens if you try? That's right: death.

The actual way to gain access to the island is to enter the cave that's just helpfully popped up on the map. The opening can be a little tricky to find, but poke around the cliffs directly opposite the nearest tip of the island and you should be able to find your way in.

An Elden Ring character approaches the somewhat hard-to-spot entrance to the Coastal Cave.

This is the Coastal Cave, the game's first cave-type dungeon. This is why you needed that torch so badly. Make your way through the Coastal Cave and defeat a pair of Demi-Human Chiefs and their numerous minions to clear the path to your destination. Follow the tunnel at the far end of the dungeon's boss arena and you'll emerge onto a surprisingly picturesque island which is home to the Cathedral of Dragon Communion. The ruined church is the only structure on the island and so not hard to spot, but the place as a whole is a nice little area to walk around while enjoying the fact that, for once, nothing's trying to kill you.

Elden Ring player holding a torch as they leave Coastal Cave, Great Erdtree towers in the horizon

The island spawns a number of flora and fungi that are useful as crafting ingredients, so by all means take a few minutes to catch your breath and pick some Erdleaf Flowers and Tarnished Golden Sunflowers, and gather up as many Mushrooms, Rowa Fruits, and Herbas as you can fit in your pockets. Once you're ready to enter the Cathedral proper you'll find an altar where you can offer Dragon Hearts in exchange for the draconic incantations Dragonfire, Dragonclaw, and Dragonmaw.

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