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Elden Ring Fire Giant boss fight: how to defeat the Fire Giant

Learn how to defeat the Fire Giant in Elden Ring

Looking for an Elden Ring Fire Giant boss fight walkthrough? The Fire Giant is an absolute behemoth that you'll find amidst the ruins in the Mountaintops of the Giants. You'll need to defeat this boss if you want to reach the Forge of the Giants, a key area in Elden Ring's main quest.

In this walkthrough, we'll share our top tips for defeating the Fire Giant in Elden Ring, so that you can overcome this towering terror and continue your journey to become Elden Lord. If you're not sure what to do next, check out our full Elden Ring walkthrough.

How to beat the Fire Giant: tops tips for success

Here are our top tips for defeating the Fire Giant in Elden Ring:

  1. Boost your fire damage negation
  2. Use Torrent to stay agile as you approach
  3. Attack the left ankle during the first phase
  4. Attack from behind in the second phase
  5. Trigger the fire orbs to stop their tracking

1. Boost your fire damage negation

As the name suggests, the Fire Giant deals a hefty amount of fire damage. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to increase your protection against fire. The easiest item that'll help with this is the Flamedrake Talisman. This is a powerful talisman that increases your fire damage negation. You'll find it in Groveside Cave in Limgrave.

If you want to boost your fire damage negation even further, you can also use the Fireproof Dried Liver consumable. This acts similarly to the Flamedrake Talisman, but it is craftable. To make Fireproof Dried Liver, you'll need to get the Armorer's Cookbook (1) from a soldier camp on the ridge above Murkwater Cave, also in Limgrave.

2. Use Torrent to stay agile as you approach

As you approach the Fire Giant, it will usually use a large metal plate to send a wave of snow towards your character. This is an incredibly powerful move that could instantly kill you. It's also very hard to dodge on foot, so it's a rough start to the fight.

Fortunately, you can use Torrent to dash away from this shockwave. Torrent moves much faster than your character, so you'll be able to use its dash to sprint to the side and avoid taking damage altogether.

The horse Torrent leaps over a canyon in Elden Ring

3. Attack the left ankle during the first phase

After dodging that initial attack, your main focus should be the Fire Giant's left leg. This is the Fire Giant's weakspot in the first phase, so try to land as many hits as possible here.

Of course, there are plenty of attacks to avoid while you wail on its poorly ankle. We'll list some of the worst phase one attacks below that you should avoid while attacking the ankle:

  • If you see the Fire Giant lift its leg up, this indicates that it is about to stomp down. Back off a bit until this attack is finished, and then ride back into close-quarters and continue slashing and smacking the left ankle.
  • Sometimes, the Fire Giant may also crouch down and roll around the arena, but this shouldn't prove too troublesome. Instead, just use Torrent to chase it across the open fields and get back into position to keep striking the ankle.
  • If you notice the Fire Giant start to back away, keep an eye on that large metal plate. The giant will reach out in front and drag it back towards your character in a brutal attack that deals massive damage. To avoid this, try dashing out of range before the Fire Giant starts dragging the plate through the snow.
  • If you notice fire starting to rise from the ground, try to get away from the Fire Giant as fast as possible. These will soon erupt into roaring flames that cause a lot of damage if you're caught within the area of effect.

After dealing a few thousand points of damage to the ankle, the bandage will tear and give the Fire Giant new fire powers. Fortunately, you can avoid many of these by simply standing by the left ankle like before. This will usually stop the Fire Giant from firing out any fireballs, as it will focus on trying to crush you with physical attacks instead.

4. Attack from behind in the second phase

In the second phase, the Fire Giant will fall to the ground and rip off its damaged leg to get some more fire powers. Fortunately, you can avoid most of these by simply attacking from behind. Focus on dealing damage to the armored foot to whittle down the Fire Giant's health without getting into danger. The Fire Giant will still use a range of fire attacks and it will also roll to either side more often, so sitting directly behind it is the safest place.

While you might notice that hits to the arms deal more damage, we recommend avoiding the front side of the Fire Giant. If you stand in front, the giant will use a range of melee attacks that deal huge chunks of damage. This could end your run in a heartbeat, so we suggest playing it safe and attacking from behind.

5. Trigger the fire orbs to stop their tracking

Throughout the fight, the Fire Giant will occasionally generate two orbs of fire. These will slowly move towards the player, tracking wherever you go. When they get close, they'll start to glow before erupting in a fiery explosion.

These orbs deal a lot of damage and tend to track for a long time, making them hard to avoid. However, you can remove them from the field altogether by purposefully detonating them.

When the Fire Giant summons these orbs, move close to make them glow and then quickly dash away. The orbs will pulse briefly, giving you time to back off to a safe distance before they detonate. Controlling the explosions like this will help you avoid any pesky fire orb sneak attacks late in the fight.

That wraps up our Elden Ring Fire Giant boss fight walkthrough. If you want to prepare more for this fight, take a look at our lists of the best builds, best weapons, and best armor in Elden Ring. If you're taking a lot of damage and need to improve your flasks, take a look at our Elden Ring Golden Seeds and Elden Ring Sacred Tears locations guides. To see what other fearsome foes await in the Lands Between, check out our Elden Ring boss locations guide.

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