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Elden Ring Sacred Tear locations: where to find all Sacred Tears in Elden Ring

Learn where to find Sacred Tears in Elden Ring

Want to know every Sacred Tears location in Elden Ring? Sacred Tears are incredibly important in Elden Ring, as they upgrade your Sacred Flasks to replenish more health and FP. However, Sacred Tears locations are well-hidden throughout the Lands Between, meaning you might not find many until later in your adventure. Fortunately, we're here to help.

In this guide, we'll cover all Sacred Tears locations in Elden Ring, so that you can improve your Sacred Flasks and hold your own against the toughest enemies in Elden Ring. If you're not sure where to head next, check out our Elden Ring walkthrough to find every major area and boss. If you just want a challenge, take a look at our full Elden Ring boss locations guide.

Elden Ring Sacred Tears locations

Sacred Tears are scattered across the Lands Between, often found in churches around the map. We’ll cover where to find them all below, so that you can drastically increase the amount of health and FP you regain with each Flask.

Limgrave Sacred Tears locations

Elden Ring Sacred Tear Third Church of Marika map location

Sacred Tear #1: Third Church of Marika, Mistwood

The Third Church of Marika is found in the Mistwood, which is located to the East of Limgrave. To reach the church, find the Gatefront Ruins in Limgrave on your map and fast travel there. Then, travel East straight across until you find the Mistwoods - this is quite a journey, but the forests of the Mistwood are unmissable.

Once there, get the Limgrave East map fragment and then head North to the location marked on the map above, avoiding any enemies that you come across. The bears of the Mistwood are extremely tough and will made short work of low level players, so try to zip through to the church as quickly as possible.

When you enter the church, head to the altar and take the Sacred Tear. Make sure to also grab the Flask of Wondrous Physick, which is on the floor inside.

Elden Ring Sacred Tear Church of Pilgrimage Weeping Peninsula map location

Sacred Tear #2: Church of Pilgrimage, Weeping Peninsula

To get to the Weeping Peninsula, head South from Agheel Lake South in Southern Limgrave towards the Bridge of Sacrifice. From that Site of Grace, head West and follow the path up the cliff towards the Church of Pilgrimage, marked on the map above.

There is a ghost at the entrance who gives some lore about a monster in the Weeping Peninsula, but it won't attack you here. To get the Sacred Tear, simply head into the Church of Pilgrimage and grab it from the altar.

Elden Ring Sacred Tear Callu Baptismal Church map location

Sacred Tear #3: Callu Baptismal Church, Weeping Peninsula

From the Bridge of Sacrifice, head further South until you find the Castle Morne Rampart Site of Grace in the Weeping Peninsula. Then, head West and find the Callu Baptismal Church by following the path up the cliff.

There isn’t a Site of Grace here but you’ll find many enemies, so be on alert. As you enter the Church, you’ll find some rats, along with a giant rat, that attack when they spot you. Deal with these rats and then approach the altar to grab a Sacred Tear.

Elden Ring Sacred Tear Fourth Church of Marika Weeping Peninsula map location

Sacred Tear #4: Fourth Church of Marika, Weeping Peninsula

From the Church of Pilgrimage, head southwest along the Weeping Peninsula, keeping to the higher fields rather than travelling along the coast. Eventually, you will reach the Fourth Church of Marika. Kill the guards outside and then head through the entrance to find a Site of Grace. Up ahead, you’ll see a Sacred Tear at the altar.

Liurnia Sacred Tears locations

Elden Ring Sacred Tear Church of Irith, Liurnia, map location

Sacred Tear #5: Church of Irith, Liurnia

After defeating Godrick the Grafted and entering the next area, Liurnia of the Lakes, immediately turn left and follow the path along towards the graveyard. There is a church near here where a sorcerer named Thops will teach you basic glintstone spells. Enter the Church of Irith and walk past Thops towards the altar, where you’ll find a Sacred Tear.

If you want to help Thops with his quest, check out our Elden Ring Glintstone Keys guide.

Sacred Tear 2 - Bellum Church, Liurnia, map location

Sacred Tear #6: Church of Bellum, Liurnia

From the Raya Lucaria Main Academy Gate Site of Grace, look northeast to find a long bridge that breaks off in the distance. At the start of this bridge, there is a sigil that you can use to instantly teleport to the other side. Use this sigil and activate the East Raya Lucaria Gate Site of Grace. From there, head North until you find the Church of Bellum.

When you arrive at the church, head inside to find a path that leads down into the next area. Before following this path to continue with your quest, look towards the altar to find a Sacred Tear that you can loot.

Elden Ring Sacred Tear Church of Inhibition Liurnia map location

Sacred Tear #7: Church of Inhibition, Liurnia

East of the Bellum Church, you will find the Frenzied Flame village. Pass through the village and head up the hill to find the Church of Inhibition, where you can get another Sacred Tear. Be careful as you approach the Church of Inhibition, as Festering Fingerprint Vyke will invade your world.

Altus Plateau Sacred Tears locations

Elden Ring Sacred Tear Second Church of Marika Atlus Plateau map location

Sacred Tear #8: Second Church of Marika, Altus Plateau

When you get to the Altus Plateau, either through the Ravine or by using the Grand Lift Dectus, you will find Sites of Grace that now point in the direction of the main objective again. Follow them until you reach the Altus Highway Junction and then head North.

Proceed up the hill to the North until you come to the Second Church of Marika. When you enter, you will see a man dying on the floor. Speak to this NPC to hear their dying words, and then prepare for a fight. Eleonora will invade your world shortly after and attack, sending you into a mini boss fight. Regardless of whether you try to kill Eleonora or run away, there is a Sacred Tear at the altar in this church.

Elden Ring Stormcaller Church Atlus Plateau map location

Sacred Tear #9: Stormcaller Church, Altus Plateau

Stormcaller Church is found on a raised area of land located southeast from the Second Church of Marika. As you ride up the cliff, you will see why it's called Stormcaller Church - lightning bolts are raining down from the sky. There are a few boss battles that you can encounter here, but you can avoid them all by heading straight for Stormcaller Church. Ancient Dragon Lansseax will swoop down as you ride up the cliff and the Black Knife Assassin is found at the entrance to the Sainted Hero's Grave dungeon, but neither of these are necessary for the Sacred Tear.

To get the Sacred Tear, simply ride to Stormcaller Church as marked on the map above and head inside. You can get the Sacred Tear by looting the altar.

Caelid Sacred Tears locations

Elden Ring Sacred Tear Church of the Plague Caelid map location

Sacred Tear #10: Church of the Plague, Caelid

The Church of the Plague is the only Sacred Tear location in Caelid. To easily reach this area, complete Sellia, Town of Sorcery, on the northeast edge of Aeonia Swamp. After opening all of the magical barriers, follow the main path that leads through Sellia and up the hill. You will find the Church of the Plague along this path.

Kill the rot enemies at the entrance and then head inside to find the Sacred Tear at the altar.

Mountaintops of the Giants Sacred Tears locations

Elden Ring Sacred Tear First Church of Marika Mountaintops of the Giants map location

Sacred Tear #11: First Church of Marika, Mountaintops of the Giants

As you venture through the Mountaintops of the Giants, you will come to the Freezing Lake. You'll find a Sacred Tear in the First Church of Marika on the Southern edge of the Freezing Lake. Be careful in this area, as a dragon named Borealis the Freezing Fog will attack on the lake.

Elden Ring Sacred Tear Church of Repose Mountaintops of the Giants map location

Sacred Tear #12: Church of Repose, Mountaintops of the Giants

Follow the Guidance of Grace from the First Church of Marika through into the next area of the Mountaintops of the Giants. When you reach the Giants' Gravepost Site of Grace, head southwest to find the Church of Repose. You'll find another Sacred Tear at the altar inside the Church of Repose.

That wraps up our list of all Sacred Tears locations in Elden Ring. If you want more upgrades for your character, check out our lists of every Golden Seed in Elden Ring and all Elden Ring Memory Stones locations. If you're confident that you have one of the best builds in Elden Ring, take a look at our lists of the best weapons in Elden Ring and best armor in Elden Ring to see how you can improve your character even more.

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