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Where to find Smithing Stones in Elden Ring

Where to go to find dozens of Smithing Stones with ease

Want to know how to get more Smithing Stones in Elden Ring? Smithing Stones, and their rarer cousin, Somber Smithing Stones, are important resources in Elden Ring. They are used along with runes to upgrade your weapons, allowing them to deal considerably more damage. Strengthening your weapon can often be all that's needed to turn an impossible boss fight into a winnable one: so Smithing Stones are highly sought after items.

Below we'll walk you through where to go and what to do to get lots of Smithing Stones as quickly as possible in Elden Ring. We'll also dip into how they're actually used to upgrade your gear.

Where to find Smithing Stones in Elden Ring

Smithing Stones aren't terribly rare items, and so you're likely to come across them every now and then while exploring castles and dungeons. But if you want to gain lots of Smithing Stones in a short amount of time, you have a couple of decent options:

A mining cave in Elden Ring. The player stands on a wooden platform in the foreground, watching miner enemies at work in the background.

Seek out mining cave dungeons

There are plenty of mining dungeons scattered throughout nearly every biome in Elden Ring. You'll know instantly when you've found one, because you'll hear the sound of pickaxe mining. These caves are populated by miner enemies that are resistant to slashing and piercing attacks, so use blunt weapons against them to make the job easier.

Not only will you find Smithing Stones on the miners' corpses, but you'll also likely find Smithing Stones in the walls of these mining galleries. If you want to see one, head to the Limgrave Tunnels on the northwest tip of Agheel Lake. This is the earliest and easiest such dungeon in the game, despite the intimidating Stonedigger Troll boss at the end. But subsequent mining dungeons in later biomes will be far more dangerous.

The Twin Maiden Husks, an NPC character in Elden Ring, found in the Roundtable Hold.

Offer Smithing Bell Bearings to the Twin Maiden Husks

As you progress through Elden Ring, you may come across one or two rare items known as Bell Bearings. These items can be given to the Twin Maiden Husks in the left wing of the Roundtable Hold, in order to unlock more items for purchase from them. If you find a Smithing Bell Bearing or Somberstone Bell Bearing, you're in luck: these Bell Bearings allow you to purchase Smithing Stones using runes.

How to use Smithing Stones to upgrade your weapons

As mentioned above, Smithing Stones in Elden Ring come in two varieties: ordinary Smithing Stones, which upgrade regular weapons; and Somber Smithing Stones, which upgrade special weapons. Somber Smithing Stones are a little rarer, but they're still not as rare as certain items such as Larval Tears.

However, you'll also find Smithing Stones and Somber Smithing Stones at different levels, denoted by the number after their name. As you upgrade your weapon's level more and more, you'll need higher levels of Smithing Stones to keep upgrading them. As you progress through more difficult areas, you'll naturally find yourself earning the level of Smithing Stones you need for similar-level areas.

To upgrade a special weapon, you simply need Somber Smithing Stones of the same level you want to upgrade to. For regular Smithing Stones, it's a little more complex:

  • Smithing Stone [1]: Reinforce weapons up to level 3
  • Smithing Stone [2]: Reinforce weapons up to level 6
  • Smithing Stone [3]: Reinforce weapons up to level 9
  • Smithing Stone [4]: Reinforce weapons up to level 12
  • Smithing Stone [5]: Reinforce weapons up to level 15
  • Smithing Stone [6]: Reinforce weapons up to level 18
  • Smithing Stone [7]: Reinforce weapons up to level 21
  • Smithing Stone [8]: Reinforce weapons up to level 24
  • Smithing Stone [9]: Reinforce weapons up to level 25

Once you have the Smithing Stones you desire, you'll need to take them to a blacksmith to upgrade your weapons. At the beginning of the game your first port of call will be the tiny blacksmith area in the Church of Elleh, but this will only allow you to upgrade your weapon up to +3.

For subsequent upgrades, speak to a master blacksmith. The obvious person to speak to is Smithing Master Hewg in the Roundtable Hold; but there are other blacksmiths in the game too, such as Smithing Master Iji, just north of the Kingsrealm Ruins in west Liurnia (incidentally, you can also find the region's Map Fragment just below these ruins!).

Hopefully the above has given you one or two useful avenues for vastly improving your Smithing Stone collection in Elden Ring. For more Elden Ring guides content, be sure to check out our list of the very best weapons in Elden Ring that you can find early on. We've got a similar guide for best armour, too. Alternatively, you can increase your chances of survival by upgrading your Flasks with our Elden Ring Golden Seed locations and Sacred Tear locations guides.

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