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Ghostwire Tokyo: KK's investigation note locations

Collect KK's investigation notes for some extra lore and a skill point boost

Where can I find KK's investigation notes in Ghostwire: Tokyo? KK's investigation notes are a series of documents you can collect while exploring the world of Ghostwire: Tokyo. KK, in case he needs further introduction, is a cop turned paranormal investigator who's currently possessing the mostly-dead body of protagonist Akito. He's basically the voice in your ear guiding your journey through the game, taken to that trope's most extreme conclusion.

Not only do KK's case notes make for interesting reading, there's a practical benefit to picking them up, too. Snagging one of these innocuous-looking documents nets Akito an instant 20 skill points — nothing to be sniffed at when upgrades on the skill tree get increasingly costly as you go on, and even levelling up only nets you 10 points at a time. To be absolutely clear, these aren't side missions: you don't need to do anything other than pick up the document to get the points, which makes them well worth seeking out.

If you're a horror fan, these documents also make for pretty neat pieces of micro-fiction, featuring plenty of shout-outs to well-known stories and urban legends. They also fill in a bit of backstory about KK and the other members of his investigation team, a colourful group of characters who additionally star in the free prequel visual novel Ghostwire: Tokyo - Prelude.

KK's investigation note locations

Below we've listed all of the investigation notes we've found so far in Ghostwire: Tokyo, along with instructions on how to find them for yourself. We're sure there are still more out there, though, so be sure to check back as we continue our walking tour of Tokyo and add to this list as we go.

The Sewer Kid

"A report written by KK regarding a number of disappearances that took place near a manhole." (Note: For my fellow Stephen King fans, this one contains a very fun shout-out to, and twist on, the opening scene from It.)

A screenshot showing the location of "The Sewer Kid" KK investigation note in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Location: KK's apartment, a blue notebook atop a stack of cardboard boxes beneath the wall calendar.

The Dancing Headless Students

"A report written by KK regarding images of headless students posted on social media."

A screenshot showing the location of "The Dancing Headless Students" KK investigation note in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Location: In the area around the rooftop shrine halfway up the Shibuya Kagerie Retail Complex high-rise. Investigate the outer walls of the buildings leading up to the shrine itself; these notes can be found on the left-hand side as you approach the shrine.

The Mystery of the Invisible Cat

"A report written by KK regarding meows heard from an abandoned building."

A screenshot showing the location of "The Mystery of the Invisible Cat" KK investigation note in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Location: This casefile can be purchased from the Luster-Loving Nekomata who's set up stall on the quiet side of Shibuya Kagerie Retail Complex's ground level. Be aware that it costs a hefty M100,000 — and therefore may not be the most efficient way to earn 20 skill points until later on in the game.

The King of the Loan Sharks

"A report written by KK regarding strange deaths taking place at a money lender."

A screenshot showing the location of "The King of the Loan Sharks" KK investigation note in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Location: The street-level building site above the Yashin Shrine Torii Gate. This folder is atop a stack of building materials piled up behind a red girder directly in front of the site exit.

The Turbo Student

"A report written by KK regarding a mysterious student running along a highway."

A screenshot showing the location of "The Turbo Student" KK investigation note in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Location: As you descend towards the train platform in the Shibuya station underground, you'll pass by an arcade. Check the bank of arcade machines nearest to the corridor, and the file will be on the third stool from the entrance.

The Marunouchi Vanishing

"A report written by KK regarding an office worker who disappeared."

A screenshot showing the location of "The Marunouchi Vanishing" KK investigation note in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Location: In the boardroom of the newspaper offices, on the table near to the wall-mounted TV screen.

The Jukai Soba Excavation

"A report written by KK regarding an eerie finding at the site of a former restaurant."

A screenshot showing the location of "The Jukai Soba Excavation" KK investigation note in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Location: On a café table at the bottom of the steps you descend to enter Utagawa Shopping District.

Why has KK left his notebooks scattered all over Tokyo? Perhaps some mysteries are fated to remain unsolved. For questions with concrete answers, however, be sure to check out our other Ghostwire: Tokyo guides, such as our list of Ghostwire: Tokyo relic locations.

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