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Ghostwire Tokyo relic locations: where to find relics and what to do with them

Earn while you learn by collecting Ghostwire: Tokyo's one-off relic items

Where can I find relics in Ghostwire: Tokyo? Ghostwire: Tokyo features one-off collectables — known in-game as Relics — that you can pick up as you explore the open world recreation of the titular city's Shibuya district. Some of them are in reasonably obvious places, while others are a little further off the beaten track; but either way, collecting them is a good way to bolster the contents of your in-game wallet.

On this page, we've listed all of the relics we've learned about in Ghostwire: Tokyo, and given locations for the ones we've uncovered so far. We'll keep this guide up-to-date as we find more, so stay tuned!

What are relics used for in Ghostwire: Tokyo?

As well as providing cool asides and snippets of Japanese folklore for you to read in your database, relics serve a practical purpose in Ghostwire: Tokyo. Certain Nekomata vendors who you meet around the streets of Tokyo have a type of relic that they're eager to buy for the netherworld equivalent of cash. Talking to each Nekomata will bring up a list of half a dozen or so requests, which lets you know what relics to be on the lookout for and gives you a few vague hints about where to find them.

The mild complication to this system is that Nekomata will only buy relics that match their particular interest. The first one you'll encounter, for example, likes traditional Japanese handicrafts such as daruma dolls and festival masks; others like categories such as golden objects, nostalgic collectables of the mid-20th century, or works of art. This can mean a bit of backtracking to return an item to the Nekomata who wanted it; luckily, you can use cleansed Torii Gates to fast travel.

Talking to a collector nekomata vendor in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

In exchange for their desired items, Nekomata will give you a reasonably generous payout in Meika, the currency used by Nekomata vendors throughout the city. This can feel a little underwhelming a swap for your cool-one off collectables; luckily, you still get to keep the database entries for all your relics after you sell them, which is your only way of admiring them after you pick them up anyway.

Furthermore, specialist Nekomata have some powerful and rare objects for sale, so it's definitely worth doing business with them; they just don't require you to fulfil requests and trade relics before opening up shop like you might expect. You also get bonus rewards for every few requests you fulfil for a particular Nekomata, such as cosmetic items or extra katashiro (a crucial spirit-gathering resource for the titular ghostwire).

Ghostwire: Tokyo relic locations

Below are the locations of all the relics we've found so far in Ghostwire: Tokyo; we'll add more as we uncover them. Worth noting is that, in line with Ghostwire's often idiosyncratic map annotation system, you'll receive a marker for the original location of every relic you've picked up. I'm not totally sure what good that does, but it's something to know about!

For an extra hint: you might notice a cattish sound piping up now and then as you explore the deserted streets of Tokyo. This means one of a few different things: either that there's a relic nearby for you to pick up; a Nekomata vendor in the vicinity; or a floating golden Maneki Neko statue. (Use Akito's force punch to destroy the latter for a large pick-up of Meika.) In any case, if you hear an echoing and slightly spooky meow accompanied by a chime, it's worth using spirit vision and exploring the vicinity for high-value relics and items.

Handicraft relics

The Handicraft Nekomata's stall is located in the street market just outside the entrance to the Shiroyama Shrine. They request 11 items, including the following:

"A round doll said to be modelled after a Buddhist monk that brings good luck when displayed."

A screenshot showing the location of the Daruma doll relic in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Location: Inside KK's apartment, head to the very back of the room on the left-hand side as you enter. There's an open storage space here, and the Daruma doll is tucked away behind the partition wall.
Value: M2,800

Lion Mask
"Headgear worn when performing lion dances."

A screenshot showing the location of Lion Mask relic in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Location: In the alley directly behind KK's apartment building are two storage lockers. The mask is in the right-hand one.
Value: M4,000

Other items requested by the Handicraft Nekomata are:

  • Kenka Kiseru (M4,500)
  • Onigawara (M3,800)
  • Kokeshi (M3,980)
  • Kazarigoma (M5,200)
  • Sensu (M7,800)
  • Soroban (M2,500)
  • Tetsubin (M5,500)
  • Tortoiseshell Comb (M10,000)
  • Uchide no Kozuchi (M8,800)

Lustrous relics

The Luster-Loving Nekomata's stall is located on the quiet side of the Shibuya Kagerie Retail Complex, away from the main pedestrian plaza. They request 5 items, including the following:

Golden Tea Bowl
"A tea bowl used for Japanese tea ceremony [sic], coated with gold."

A screenshot showing the location of the Golden Tea Bowl relic in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Location: On a small cushion on a plinth, just off the path near the westernmost gate of the Shiroyama Shrine.
Value: M13,400

"A golden plate that served as high-value currency during Japan's Edo period."

A screenshot showing the location of the Oban relic in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Location: Descend a ladder to the riverside in Ugatawa Shopping District. Along the path there you'll find a homeless encampment, now occupied by several cats. The oban is on the floor in the middle (and is, with a bitter sense of irony, perhaps the most high-value relic in the game).
Value: M43,000

Other items requested by the Luster-Loving Nekomata are:

  • Shachihoko Statues (M8,500)
  • Bottle Gourd (M4,800)
  • Kanzashi (M10,000)

Nostalgic relics

The Nostalgic Nekomata's stall is located at the entrance to the shrine where you reunite with KK at the end of Chapter 2. They request 7 items, including the following:

Model Frilled Lizard
"A model of a frilled lizard, once popular in Japan."

A screenshot showing the location of Model Frilled Lizard relic in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Location: When inside the titular location as part of the Hoarder's House side-quest, head upstairs and enter the first room you get to. There's a closet to your left with the model inside it.
Value: M5,000

Portable Cassette Player
"A device that plays music recorded onto cassette tapes and is small enough to be carried around."

A screenshot showing the location of the Portable Cassette Player relic in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Location: At Shibuya Station, head upstairs to the overground train platform. Investigate the train to find this relic at the very back of the rearmost carriage.

Value: M7,800

Other items requested by the Nostalgic Nekomata are:

  • Bubble Era Folding Fan (M1,990)
  • Model Supercar (M1,200)
  • Model Axolotl (M4,500)
  • Loose Socks (M12,500)
  • Gara-Kei (M1,980)

Artsy relics

The Artsy Nekomata's stall is located just behind the pedestrian bridge leading over the road by the Shibuya bus station. They request 5 items, including the following:

Portrait of a Spirit
"A hanging scroll depicting a spirit. This type of art became a widespread phenomenon during the Edo period."

A screenshot showing the location of Portrait of a Spirit relic in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Location: The rooftop Kagerie Shrine, encountered as you ascend the high-rise retail complex in Shibuya on your way to the Kagerie observation deck. The portrait is hanging on the right-hand wall immediately to your right as you enter.
Value: M4,900

Reiwa Placard
"A framed display featuring the two kanji characters for "Reiwa", the Japanese character period that began in 2019, in fine calligraphy."

A screenshot showing the location of the Reiwa Placard relic in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Location: Inside the building that is home to the newspaper offices, there's a large supply closet on the same floor as the gate control panels. In here there are two lockers next to a whiteboard, and the placard is in the one on the left.
Value: M2,019

Other items requested by the Artsy Nekomata are:

  • Sharaku Ukiyo-e (M18,000)
  • Utamaro Ukiyo-e (M18,000)
  • Hokusai Ukiyo-e (M17,500)

Musical relics

The Musical Nekomata's stall is located at the far end of the road that leads away from the bottom of the off-ramp in Sengokuzaka. They request 6 items, including the following:

Kagura Suzu
"A series of bells affixed to a small rod, which are rung by Shinto Shrine Maidens as they perform ritualistic kagura dances."

A screenshot showing the location of Kagura Suzu relic in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Location: Inside the shrine you enter after cleansing your first Torii Gate. On the left side of the room you can pick up the Kagura Suzu from a table in the corner.
Value: M9,800

"A type of glass chime hung from the edge of a roof or near a window that makes beautiful sounds when the wind blows into it."

A screenshot showing the location of the Furin relic in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Location: Hung from the window frame on the upper storey of a building next to a graveyard entrance. You'll need to jump onto the awning below to reach it.
Value: M2,200

"A musical instrument derived from a conch shell, first used during Japan's Heian period."

A screenshot showing the location of Horagai relic in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Location: At the beginning of Chapter 3, re-enter the shrine you were in in the cutscene. This item is at the very back of the structure, on a table in the left-hand corner.
Value: M9,400

Other items requested by the Musical Nekomata are:

  • Shamisen (M9,800)
  • Biwa (M13,900)
  • Wooden Fish (M6,800)

Japanophile relics

The Japanophile Nekomata's stall is located on the main street at an intersection, near to the raised roadway that marks the northern edge of the Utagawa Shopping District. They request 7 items:

  • Randoseru (M13,000)
  • Model of Tokyo Tower (M3,330)
  • Black-Rimmed Glasses (M26,500)
  • Magazine w/Free Handbag (M1,480)
  • Marimo (M3,680)
  • Pig Incense Burner (M3,200)
  • Model Restaurant Food (M6,800)

Other relics

We're still searching for the Nekomata who'll take these relics off our hands. Although some of them are quite creepy, and we're not entirely sure we're looking forward to meeting the supernatural kitty who wants to get their paws on them:

Film Camera
"An old-school photographic film camera related to a particular serial killer." (Note: This seems to be a shout-out to the antagonist of Tango's last game, The Evil Within 2.)

A screenshot showing the location of the Film Camera relic in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Location: In the park with panda rides opposite the street to the Torii Gate entrance to Shiroyama Shrine. Directly to the right of the entrance is a fortune teller's tent; the camera is on the table in the centre.

"A kind of earthenware humanoid statue produced during Japan's Jomon period."

A screenshot showing the location of Shakokidogu relic in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Location: In the underground construction site area where you cleanse the Yashin Shrine Torii Gate. The statue is in a box placed against one of the area's outer walls, conveniently spotlit by a red bulb.

Maneki Neko
"A statue of a cat standing on its hind leg, a paw beckoning onlookers, said to bring happiness."

A screenshot showing the location of Maneki Neko relic in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Location: As you descend further underground at the Shibuya train station, you'll reach an arcade called Kadomi. To the left of the arcade as you approach it is a set of metal shelves, tucked behind a banner against the arcade's exterior wall. The statue is on the upper shelf.

Ghastly Knife
"The favored instrument of Hanako-san, a ghost said to haunt the restrooms of Japanese schools."

A screenshot showing the location of the Ghastly Knife relic in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Location: The men's room at the platform of Shibuya underground station. The knife is in the third stall from the door as you enter (the one with a set of clothes visible under the door).

Chochin-obake Netsuke
"Do tongues have something to say about our health?"

A screenshot showing the location of the Chochin-obake Netsuke relic in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Location: On the train platform in the Shibuya underground station. This small object is easy to miss, and is lying on the floor next to a handbag surrounded by piles of clothing. To help you find it, a flashlight on a nearby chair illuminates its exact location.

Rikishi Netsuke
"An accessory shaped like a sumo wrestler."

A screenshot showing the location of the Rikishi Netsuke relic in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Location: Inside the cardboard shelter beneath the overpass, on the main road leading through Sengokuzaka.

Kamaitachi Netsuke
"Beware what dangers the eye can see, and also what future perils it cannot."

A screenshot showing the location of the Kamaitachi Netsuke relic in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Location: Atop one of the three capsule vending machines in front of a closed-up shop front, on the outer boundaries of the Utagawa Shopping District.

Clearly, there's lots to be on the look-out for as you explore the eerily deserted streets of Tokyo. For more location guides, check out our list of where to find KK's investigation notes in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

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