Software Security Services & Solutions

Security strategies that protect your infrastructure and safeguard vital information. You can leverage our expertise to prevent data breaches by attackers 24/7.

Protect your Business from Cyber-attacks

While cloud computing is adding a lot of benefits to businesses, one of the major challenges that IT companies are facing is a dearth of effective and trustworthy security solutions. Cloud solutions are continuously under critical cyber-attacks and Clavis Technologies has the expertise to provide you with end-to-end security solutions.

Firewall Configuration

Multiple stacks means multiple places for malware to attack. From web services to mobile apps it’s just not as easy as simply installing a firewall. A faulty configuration (very often the default settings) makes your system vulnerable to attacks.

We study your business, network, application dependencies, perform risk-analysis and tweak the configuration of your firewalls and reduce exposure.

SIEM and System Hardening

The Yin-Yang of software security. Where Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) monitors, analyses and produces reports on security alerts generated by devices and applications. Once identified by SIEM, System Hardening studies the different applications  and plugs the potential access points.

Together, live-monitoring, notification and hardening go hand in hand to not just provide security audit logs, but manage leaks in the system as a result of user access or configurations at server, database, application or network level.

Code Review

A number of studies show that a majority of attacks are a result of insecure coding. We understand that security can take a back seat with high focus on features, functionality and deadlines. We keep our security experts engaged in regular code-reviews to build and deliver highly secure products.

Even though our developers follow a secure-coding approach, we run code inspections during development that helps with a lot of vulnerability assessments at early stages of product engineering.

Integrated Software Security with our Specialists

Our software security services help protect access to applications, data, and networks by securing the connections between users and cloud-based SaaS and PaaS offerings. The security solution monitoring system accesses and protects both the information, one stored by the user within the cloud application and the other information which is transferred through the cloud application.

We design and build our software with secured access points that enable you to launch and run your product in a protected cloud environment. While protecting the system from cyber attacks we ensure the system gives administrator the ability to manage governance and set permissions for accessing your enterprise cloud application.

Comprehensive Security Services

Network Penetration Tests

Network design, security, scalability assessment and penetration testing helps identify vulnerabilities at a number of points in your network, and minimise the attack surface. This includes testing routers and firewalls that separate  your internal network from your external one.


Our Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing is done in conjunction with the OWASP Top-10 model – protecting your website or web application from code-injection, misconfigurations, Cross site Scripting (XSS) attacks, CSRF and other vulnerabilities.

Cloud App Security

With the scalability of cloud computing, companies are deploying  SaaS, PaaS and IaaS solutions to an environment that increases accessibility. We help secure your cloud environment and reduce data loss in AWS or Azure by with the right tools and configurations.

Mobile App Security

Increased usage of mobile devices and storing sensitive personal data in not-so-secure applications puts you at risk of extraction due to lack of data-encryption during transit. Our knowledge of encryption is what makes the mobile apps we develop secure.

Fend off Attacks!

Let us help by building the wall between you and the hackers.