Production Management

A comprehensive media backoffice software designed for creative and production studios to collaborate and manage print and interactive projects.

 From Creatives to Reporting 

Manage your Creative Studio

The technologies developed by us for your production management are seamless and end-to-end. Providing you with the ability to create, manage and deliver projects from anywhere and at any scale.

The salient features of the solution allow customers to:

  • Collaborate with all stakeholders
  • Supports print, interactive and video projects
  • 24/7 status updates of all projects in production
  • Proof, track and approve from any mobile device
  • Measure report and audit every project

Making your Work Flow

Create, manage and deliver brand assets globally. Our production management technologies help customers work smarter and faster than ever.
Thousands of users worldwide in brands, agencies, and publishers rely on our technologies to manage deadline sensitive creative production across print, digital and video projects.

Print and Interactive

The solution is designed for creative and production studios to collaborate and manage both print and interactive projects.

In today’s day and age, digital is where brands are engaging most with customers. Designing, development and execution of responsive web experiences across multiple, integrated devices needs support of technology to create the optimum user experience on any CMS platform.

Our technology helps our customers to handle end-to-end digital and interactive design workflows seamlessly.

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