Boost Your Creativity with Automation 

Our custom software helps streamline and automate production, design review, content and publishing so you can focus more on your core creativity competence.  

Technology for Various Aspects of your Ad Agency

We understand that Creative Agencies have Marketing Teams are always fighting against time to go to market. We develop custom solutions that automate mundane tasks and give you more time to focus on what really matters – creativity and design! Here are some of the software solutions that we have created. 

Ad Production System

Full fledged production management solution used by Fortune 500 companies across the globe for content and design workflow management

Automated HTML Banners

Create animated ads quickly and easily by selecting a template and generate HTML5 banners in all sizes for web and mobile without any coding required 


A tool for real-time review and approval of design files like videos, HTML, PDFs and images so multiple stakeholders can collaborate on projects from their web browser

Emoji App and Sticker Pack

Creating specialty sticker keyboards and sticker packs with emojis and themes that allow for better brand engagement in a fun way on iOS and Android

AR, VR and Gamification

The growing trend of Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Gamification in the media, entertainment and fun industries have created innovative ways that brands engage with customers. At Clavis we offer a variety game development and interactive reality app development using cross-platform technologies like Unity, 3ds Max and Unreal to cater to iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Social Media.

We work with our clients to translate their innovative ideas into well crafted games and interactive apps like masks, emojis, furniture, walk throughs, e-learning, retail, and a wide range of gameplays for all age groups. 

Automation for Layout and Image Management

From automated layout design to bulk-resizing of images to HTML, effective tools help you complete time taking tasks quickly. Especially the ones that don’t require much innovation and creativity.   

Bulk Image Resizer and Converter

Upload multiple images and resize or convert them in bulk to formats like JPG, PNG, BMP. Reduce size by percentage or give height and width specifications by exact pixels. Define the compression quality, set source and destination folders while using the option to add a suffix to the output file names. Retain the source folder structure or define your own.  

Adobe and Quark Plugins

We created and extended feature set on top of Adobe Creative Suite and QuarkXPress that helps make your workflow more efficient. Our certified plugins developers have experience in creating highly efficient plugins for Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, AfterEffects, Premier Pro and QuarkXPress.

Page Design and Layout Automation 

Take hundreds of pages of content from Word or a CMS and quickly creating a professional layout in software like Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress so you only have to sift through the pages and perform minor tweaks to the design. Our custom layout automation tools have the capability to handle text, images, TOCs, tables, math type and more.   

Streamline Creative Workflows

There are always ways to get more time for your creative thoughts. Just automate those painful repetitive tasks.